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Heidi W.

Mother of two children at Haven for Tots.

​​Happy. When my children come home from (Haven for Tots Daycare), they are happy. They have played,they giggled, they sang, they learned, they’ve gotten hugs…the list can go on and on. Our family choseHaven for Tots Daycare after several recommendations from other families. My eldest started at Haven for Tots about three years ago in the Toddler Room and my youngest started about two years ago. I love when the staff emails me pictures of the kids, however mostly now they post pictures to a private Facebook page (not as often as one mother would like but hey, that’s just me). Over the years, I’ve enjoyed the prayer they say before breakfast&lunch, the plantsthey’ve grown and all the artwork they would make. Oh the artwork! Paintings, dot marker activities, hand prints, glued paper art, glittered decorations, cute little letter animals that are STILL hanging up in our house. Overtime, I noticed theartwork lessened and it has turned into coloring pages. I noticed more worksheets, tracing lines/shapes, and homework.

This could be a variety of reasons- limited classroom budget for materials, not enough prep time, staffing changes,different teaching styles, aging up to new classrooms, or the overall move to the new Oak Lawn location, still, this creative mom misses the hands on cute little artwork.

Nonetheless, you know what matters more than worksheets,cutting paper or tracing their names at this age- it is the warmth ; friendliness of the staff, the smiles on their faces genuinely happy to see my children, the songs they sing with my kids and the excitement my children have to go to“school”. That. That means something.

As one of the families who has been with Haven for Tots since before the move to the Oak Lawn location, I would saythe staff handled the transition well. Yes, minor hiccups along the way but that is normal. The new space is great and theaccess to the gymnasium is perfect for letting the little ones run around. Moreover, I for one cannot wait for the much-anticipated Spring Play and hopefully the return of the Christmas Show. I am fond of all the staff at Haven and lovewhen some of the staff, who never had one of my children in their classroom, knows their name, says hello, gives them asmile or hugs them if they are crying. Overall, I am happy with how Haven for Tots care for my children. I feel confidentleaving my children at Haven for Tots while I am at work; I truly appreciate all they do for my children.



Mommy of a 2 year old

My son is a new student to this daycare. He also has a delay speech from a previous medical issue. I was so nervous placing him into a daycare center. However, the team that works here genuinely show my son care and patience. This, within it self, brings me so much comfort and honestly reduces my stress. Simply knowing he is being cared for and taught with intent to help him grow. Not to mention the greatest thing – He is starting to repeat words. It makes me excited to see what more time with this center will help to further develop with in him.
Thank you so much,


Laura McCarthy O'Hara

A loving mom

Our family transitioned over to Haven when our son was about 2 ½ and our daughter was 6 months old from an in-home nanny. We were very nervous because even though the nanny who was watching them had a few other kids at her home, we knew they were getting a lot of attention, good naps, healthy food and quality playtime with other kids. At first, to be honest, I was not a fan of the room set-up for the infants. My kids were getting dark, quiet rooms for their naps at home and with their nanny.

The infant room at haven was just a single room – the kids were expected to fall asleep in their crib with everything going on around them. I was not happy about that, especially since that is such a vulnerable age and quality sleep time is so necessary. While the couple of hours our daughter would get in the infant room was nowhere near the 4-6 hours a day our son would’ve napped at that age, she eventually got used to it, started taking an earlier bedtime and napping longer on weekends.

With our son – I noticed an IMMEDIATE impact. He was already pretty verbal, but, almost instantly became even more so. He was singing all the time, telling stories, using his imagination, wanting to draw and read books and play. He was doing all these things when he was with his nany, but not nearly as much as after he started at Haven. He had Ms. Dina as his teacher before she became Director and he absolutely adored her. Her kindness and patience really helped him develop and learn to be a little patient as well.

Our son has since started 3 year old pre-school at the grade school he will attend and he was very well-prepared. Our daughter is in the toddler room with Ms. Andrea and Ms. Melanie and mentioning their names in the morning is literally how I get her moving and out the door. She LOVES seeing Ms. Dina and Ms. Andrea in the morning – sometimes I don’t even get a hug goodbye because she instantly runs over to them. She is a month and a half away from being 2 and she is singing her abc’s and numbers and other nursery rhymes all day long. They’ve taught her to be a good helper and listener and I look forward to her continued time at Haven over the next year.


Kristine Marek​

A loving mom

My son has been attending Haven part time for almost a year (he is two currently).  In that time, I have seen his vocabulary flourish, learn to count to 20, and so much more. He absolutely loves all of the teachers (as do I) and I couldn’t be more pleased with how much he loves spending time with his classmates. Haven for Tots has been such a blessing and I would recommend this daycare to anyone needing daycare services. As a mom, of course I wish I could spend all my time with my son but I am so glad that Haven and its wonderful staff are able to take care of him when work calls me away.